Paul, 42

I have been a type 2 diabetic for 15 years.  For a long time my health was manageable, but my blood sugar levels were always a bit high.  Unfortunately diabetes complications creep up on you and the last couple of years have not been much fun.  When doctors started planning to amputate my foot, I had to do something fast!  My wife and I decided to have coaching with Helen who explained how choosing different foods could help me to improve my health and encouraged us to work out how we could change our meals for the better.    Now we eat delicious meats, vegetables and loads of creamy sauces.  It fills me up, so I rarely snack.    My blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol read half of what they did before, even though I have not been able to exercise because of my bad foot.  I have lost 16kg in 6 months and feel great.  I'm sleeping better, have better mental clarity, feeling happy and well :)

Jennifer, 40

I attended Helen's workshop in June this year, and honestly, it changed the way I think about my food choices forever.  Listening to her talk about food and health in a way that I had never heard before was both enlightening and exciting!  Since adopting the LCHF way of eating I have lost weight, dropped cm and the chronic eczema that I have had my whole life, has virtually disappeared.  Thank you Helen for helping guide and encourage me towards a healthier (and more enjoyable!) way of eating!

Grant, 62

Before I met Helen I had no real idea why I put on weight. I knew I ate more when I felt down, but I did not understand the relationship different foods had on each other and on me.  Helen works on all of you.  Her approach deals with my emotions, my work and private life, as well as the obvious food and exercise.  I enjoy fresh food much more now, eat much less processed and junk food, and can cope better with set backs when they inevitably occur.  I have lost about 10kgs, am calmer, understand myself much better and sleep better.   

Sally, 52

I started seeing Helen about 3 months ago, as I was tired of the constant dieting cycle and wondering how I could eat well, feel well and not have my life controlled by food.  Before I started, I was irritable, often bloated, bored with cooking and eating and over-exercising.  I had been on every diet imaginable and didn’t want to diet for the rest of my life!

The first 2 weeks were quite hard as I had to overcome a 30 year history of dieting.  The most significant changes I have noticed since commencing the health coaching program are:

  • No longer having any cravings and feeling satisfied
  • Much improved sleep patterns and stress levels
  • Feeling strong, fit and healthy

I can’t believe I have lost weight whilst eating cheese, cream and butter!


Heartfelt thanks for all of your excellent advice and encouragement to improve my wellness.  I have had measurable results in many aspects of my life.


I used to struggle with a lack of self-worth and I had lost confidence in myself.  I was using food both as a comfort and to harm myself when I was feeling low.

Working with Helen has helped me to get a handle on the things in life that are affecting my health and to start addressing those issues.  I have learned to listen to my body and understand how food makes me feel and to eat to satisfy my nutritional needs. 


I can't speak highly enough of Helen Chauhan.  I attended a recent talk on food and lifestyle that Helen had organised and I have to say it has changed our lives.  Helen has a great way of getting the message across in very simple terms and I was so impressed that I organised another session for my husband and son.  Since this session, my husband has quit sugar and has lost so much weight – its amazing – and he feels the best he has felt in years - all thanks to Helen.  Would highly recommend Helen to anyone – thank you for all you have done for our family.